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Do you want to be the one above all?
Are you willing to fight for the weak?
Where does your heart truly lie!

Pioneer's era, and the mercenaries

A thousand years of the storm has finally faded and the new passage through the sea
has been discovered to an ancient empire known to be one of the most affluent and
powerful in its time.
People from thirteen nations across two continents are filled with their own desires for
this new land and Pioneer Investment Association was established by major merchants.

What awaited before the pioneers was packs of cruel monsters and unbearable
conditions in the fallen ancient empire.
However, because the remains of the new world were valuable treasures
themselves, people dived into the foreseen dangerous exploitation.

Among the pioneers, two groups settled before others. West Continent Nations
(North West Cartel) and East Continent's small merchants (South Cartel) are competing
for resources and expansion to take control of the land.

Users play their character as a mercenary for the exciting adventure in this land with endless possibilities.